WMA has entered an exciting new age of collecting our members’ oral histories. In the past, we were limited to in-person individual and group interviews with limited transcription capabilities.

We now use a web-based, video recording and hosting platform called TheirStory which allows us to record, transcribe and store our personal and professional histories.

Although we still conduct most group sessions in person, such as interviews with our Pioneer Hall of Fame inductees, discussions of the Combat Exclusion Law Repeal, and WAI Conference “Coffee Talks,” our current focus is on documenting our members’ military careers using TheirStory.

Taken individually and collectively, these first-hand sessions will be essential to help document the true history of women military aviators and provide researchers and educators concrete evidence when telling our story.

The baseline interview normally lasts one hour and covers your motivation to pursue flying and military career progression using your resume to frame the session. Following interviews will go into more detail on your career and life after the military. Although we will guide the session, there are no set rules so feel free to share anecdotes or other information.

We are also developing the use of TheirStory to record a solo session which will allow for self-guided interviews, giving members more flexibility and control over their sessions. Stay tuned for more information as we fine-tune the details.

Please know that your story, every story, is very important and will give life and meaning to the larger picture of women military aviator history. If you are interested in participating in WMA’s Oral History Project, please contact the Historical Committee. We look forward to interviewing YOU!

Be a part of history and help provide a more comprehensive and accurate history of women in military aviation!

WMA Historical Committee

Margie Varuska, Marcy Atwood, Peggy Carnahan