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Women Military Aviators, Inc. is a non-profit corporation formed in 1978 to promote and preserve for historical, educational, and literary purposes the role of women pilots, navigators, and aircrew in the service of their country during times of war and peace.  Today, we number over 800 members living and stationed around the world.  Read about our history here!

With such a small percentage of the military aviation world being female, it is especially important to get to know, network with, and mentor other women military aviators.  WMA members receive regular electronic newsletters and an annual membership roster.  Members gather at local luncheons, informal networking meetings, and at the Biennial Convention.  The 2011 convention was held in conjunction with the Women in Aviation conference in Reno, Nevada.

Regular membership includes the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP), women graduates of military pilot and navigator training programs, and women graduates of aircrew training programs as specified by each branch of the military services.  Associate members include those interested in or affiliated with military women aircrew members and/or the WASP.

To further our charter of promoting and preserving women's roles in military aviation, WMA annually awards a $2500 scholarship to a woman pursuing an aviation degree of license.

Find out more about WMA membership and join here!

WMA Board  2015-2016

President - Julie Tizard, Col, USAFR (Ret)

Vice President- Kathy Cosand, USAFR (Ret)

Treasurer - Kim Young, USA (Ret)

Secretary- Allison Sutter, LtCol, USAF

Clerk- Lucy Young, CAPT, USNR (Ret)

Board Members-  Barbara Garwood, Maj, USAFR (Sep)

       Claudia McKnight, CDR, USCG (Ret)

       Karen Daneu, Col, USAF (Ret)


Educational Committee

Finance Committee

Membership Committee

Polly Bartz


Nominating Committee

Recognition Committee

Scholarship Committee

Historical Committee

The Historical Committee exists to directly support WMA's purpose:  Promote and preserve for historical, educational and literary purposes the role of women pilots, navigators and aircrew in the service of their country during times of war and peace.

WMA's Historical Committee was originally chaired by WASP Bee Haydu. She worked tirelessly for almost 30 years to document the achievements of WMA members and our organization. Thanks to her efforts, the early days of WMA - initially known as the Women Military Pilots Association or WMPA -  were well-documented. Activities leading up to incorporation, records of all conventions and members' accomplishments were meticulously collected in large scrapbooks, now permanently safeguarded in WMA's archive in the Women's Collection at Texas Women's University's Blagg-Huey Library in Denton, TX.

Bee's diligence, foresight and dedication inspired the next generation of WMA historians. Although we have the same purpose, modern communications have made much of our members' information available on line and elsewhere. It is still important however to document our organization as well as the role of individual women military aviators. To that end, WMA has established an official archive at TWU, similar to that of the WASP and Whirlygirls.

If you would like to join the Historical Committee, please contact us! We could use your help and would love to have more members on board. We look forward to hearing from you,

Margie Varuska & Marcy Atwood

Historical Committee duties according to WMA Standing Rules:
  1. Create and maintain a written history of the organization. It should be readily available to all members through the WMA website.
  2. Contribute news articles and other information to the newsletter and webmaster for widest dissemination.
  3. Be the point of contact and liaison with organizations desiring information on WMA historical information.
  4. Maintain a list of WMA information archived at TWU and elsewhere.
  5. Publicize (through newsletter, website) how to donate personal items to TWU archives and other repositories.
  6. Continue to research and foster long-term relationship with TWU.

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