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Brooke Desrochers

Striking a Balance Panel Member: Brooke Honor Desrochers

“For me, I know that continuing with my career and doing a job that I love every day makes me a better mom for my kids” Read the article now and hear the rest of LT Brooke Honor Desrochers’ story at the Striking a Balance panel at WAI!

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Tiffany with her mother, Robin Potter, in front of a JayHawk on Long Island where Tiffany and her crew landed on a small ball field in order to conduct hoisting training for a small boat station.

Striking a Balance Panel Member: Tiffany VanSicklen

Meet panel member AMT1 (Aviation Maintenance Technician First Class) Tiffany VanSicklen, who has been on active duty in the Coast Guard at Elizabeth City, N.C. for 14 years. Describing her job, Tiffany says she “Fixes, flies and stands duty” on the H-60 Jayhawk.  She and her husband, Pete, who is an E-6 mechanic as well, […]

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Maloney and sons

Striking a Balance Panel Member: Linda Maloney

The “Striking a Balance” educational panel during the Women In Aviation International Conference in Dallas (March 8-10) is a panel of military and former military women who will tell their stories about how they managed a military job, family and raising children. Read about panel member Linda Maloney now, then come hear her story at […]

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